Jane Plan

Jane Plan delivers delicious and healthy calorie and portion-controlled meals developed by nutrition and weight loss expert Jane Michell, alongside professional support to help people achieve their weight-loss goals.

Despite its huge popularity, Jane Plan was identifying very low engagement with its social media, particularly on Facebook, which should have been one of the best performing platforms for the brand. Of the engagement that was coming through, much was unrepresentative ‘trolling’ that detracted from the company’s overall brand values.

The Work

Air Social undertook a careful analysis of Jane Plan’s social media insights and came up with an entirely organic social media strategy that not only significantly increased the brand’s following and engagement rate but encouraged more positive and reaffirming comments and conversations.

Using this strategy, which centred around creative posts focusing on the plan’s positive case studies, Air Social increased followers by 150% on Facebook and 110% on Instagram in 2019, without using any paid-for advertising.